'Manly Man Survival Bundle' ~ by Denali Dreams

'Manly Man Survival Bundle' ~ by Denali Dreams


“E.E.’s Specials for YOU” are bundles of goods that we think would make GREAT gifts for your loved ones. We aim to make your shopping easy and enjoyable! To add to the enjoyment, we’ve even shaved a few bucks off the bundles to sweeten the deal. “E.E.’s Specials for YOU” ARE applicable to discount promos you may have at checkout. WOW!

The ‘Manly Man Survival Bundle’ comes to us from the Great North of Anchorage, Alaska. The men there know how to keep their skin, lips and beard soft as a baby seal belly. Want the secrets? Elbow Grease smooths the elbows, knuckles, heels, or other rough patches with a blend of moisturizing oils in beeswax, scented of cedarwood, fir needle, and spruce. You get 2 ounces of the stuff in this bundle. Lip Lube combines moisturizing oils with beeswax and the flavor of vanilla. Kodiak Brown Soap is an olive-oil based soap with the scent of cedarwood, cocoa, and patchouli. Beard Oil brings the scent of spruce and the right balance of moisture, manageability, and shine through moisturizing oils.

Balm= $4; Soap=$7; Salve=$9; Oil=$10= A $30 value. DEAL= $25!

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