Golden bitters ~ by Strongwater

Golden bitters ~ by Strongwater


Vegan. Organic. Small batch crafted in Colorado.

3 fl oz bottle.

“Golden in hue and redolent of Chai tea aromatics, a complex and fragrant elixir whose bitterness is complemented by warm earth, robust black pepper, and rich baking spice. A key ingredient in a number of award-winning Old-Fashioneds, Golden plays especially nicely with whiskey, gin, and tequila. Try it, too, with rum, in tiki classics, in coffee, and in any other beverage that could benefit from a hearty lift.”

Botanicals:  Tumeric, Cardamom, Sassafras, Cinnamon, Allspice.

Benefits: Award-winning Golden Turmeric Bitters combines turmeric, cardamom, sassafras and cinnamon to create an earthy and warming bitter with a myriad of health benefits to boot.

  • anti-inflammatory properties combining turmeric

  • both turmeric and cinnamon are powerful antioxidants, serving to scavenge free radicals and preventing disease

  • cinnamon reduces blood sugar

  • decreases LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol

  • cardamom decreases blood pressure

  • effective cardiovascular tonic.

Pairings: Whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, tea, bubble water.

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