'Ahead of the Pack Bundle' ~ by Mr.Wigglebottom's

'Ahead of the Pack Bundle' ~ by Mr.Wigglebottom's


“E.E.’s Specials for YOU” are bundles of goods that we think would make GREAT gifts for your loved ones. We aim to make your shopping easy and enjoyable! To add to the enjoyment, we’ve even shaved a few bucks off the bundles to sweeten the deal. “E.E.’s Specials for YOU” ARE applicable to discount promos you may have at checkout. WOW!

Who’s the classiest pooch you know? You know, the one who knows how good they look and that all eyes are on them. They ought to smell good, too, right? Can’t decide which of the Texas-small-batch-crafted vegan + organic + phBalanced for doggies Mr.Wigglebottom’s scents to get the boss? Get them all! In the ‘Ahead of the Pack Bundle’ you get (1) each of the 8oz Original (citrus, cypress, cedarwood, lemongrass, and lavender), Rosemary-Mint, and Lavender scents. A clean dog should smell as heavenly as they make us feel!

Compare at: 3X$13 each= $39 value. DEAL= $33!

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