I mage by Matt Coglianese:  The Pigshark.

Image by Matt Coglianese: The Pigshark.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs,

but not every man's greed.

Our stand:

  • We offer a selection of goods chosen with protection of Earth & inhabitants in mind.
  • All products are manufactured in the United States by the hands of people who share these values.
  • Nothing here is tested on any being who had no consent in the process. Human testing only.
  • We strive (and oft succeed) at bringing vegan & organic goods. Whenever products deliver on this,   we will duly note in display.
  • Many of our makers use green energy & renewable sourcing. Most of our makers contribute a share of their hard-earned dollars to causes which support heartwarming efforts. We'll note this on display, too.  Isn't it refreshing to see all the good in this world?
  • Giving back is in the E.E.Mercantile & Co. business model. We'll run varied campaigns to partner up with great causes to highlight their efforts and to do our part in helping them get their good work done. Maybe you know of a great non-profit? Reach out! Perhaps we can collaborate on an event!
  • This is a good old fashioned general store like the ones that used to be in every community. For the time-being, you can shop right here. If you prefer local pick-up to shipping, you can choose from some fine local Ukrainian Village retailers at check-out. Eventually, though, we'll be back to that olde brick-and-mortar model. it's far from dead, you know...